what is creator library?

a non-comprehensive compilation of free resources from across the web to help creators with all the the nuances related to running a successful creator business. we hope it will help take aspiring creators from 0 → 1 and existing creators from 1 → 10. it'll be updated frequently with new resources, as we get feedback from creators interacting with it.

what is a creator?

how do I submit a new platform/updated data/corrections to your list?

head over to this link right here and send us some feedback, ideas, whatever you want. we're open for business.

how was creator library built?

Our stack is Notion, Airtable, and Super.

who was creator library built by?

the team at One Day Entertainment, which is a diversified entertainment and media company with a focus in management of digital creators, such as Airrack, Yes Theory, and Cheeky Boyos.

the creator library was inspired by both the Founder Library & Side Hustle Stack.